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Satellite image zoomed to 500 feet

Satellite image viewed at 1500 feet altitude

The images we provide cannot be obtained in this level of clarity any other way. There is no comparison.

In order to see what this location would look like at approximately 500 feet, you would have to zoom in on this Google Earth photo. At this zoom level, the image loses all depth, becomes pixelated, and blurry.

An image from Google Earth with an approximate altitude of 1500 feet. This is what you would see with a traditional, aircraft based aerial photo. To fly lower than this at this location would require special permits from the FAA.


Eagleview Drones is looking for that special person that shares our vision and committment. If you are as interested as we are in making Eagleview Drones the premier aerial photography company, and you have experience flying drones, or are willing to learn, we would like to hear from you.

Eagleview Drones, Inc. is also seeking investors who have the vision to realize that the commercial use of drones is literally, taking off.

Let us show you why Eagleview Drones is:

"Your World from a New Perspective"

Until camera equipped drones were invented, high quality aerial photos were only able to be obtained from fixed wing aircraft or helicopters. This method is not only extremely expensive, but limiting. Aircraft like these are not permitted to fly below 1500 feet without special permits. Even that altitude is way too high for most photo requirements.

For photos of larger areas, satellite based imaging is available, however these photos lack the resolution and detail required for smaller areas.

Recently published regulations by the FAA permit the operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) up to 400 feet above ground level. This is the ideal environment for the types of aerial photography that Eagleview Drones provides.


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